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This non-commercial blog is trying to provide German translations of articles from people operating outside the wire in Afghanistan. It aims to provide a perspective that it is currently lacking in the German media and the public discussion.

The background to this endeavur is that the situation in Afghanistan is hardly part of the German public debate. The media don’t provide much information from outside Kabul or the military bases, and the armed forces discourage soldiers from blogging or reporting in general. While there are some good books on Afghanistan to provide general information for the already interested, they appear to be not the right tool to address the casual reader or stir interest. There are currently (to my knowledge) no German language blogs from people actually staying in Afghanistan.*

When trying to find out more about the situation in Afghanistan, I ended up getting most of my insights by reading some really good blogs from people on the ground. This blog is an attempt to provide at least some of those articles to Non-English Speakers in Germany.

Because it’s currently a one person project, and translating even short articles takes some time for an unstudied hobby translator, the scope is naturally limited. So please don’t expect to much.

Still: If you are blogging from Afghanistan, or know some blogs that you would consider worth translating, you are welcome to contact me. Blogs/articles will only be translated with permission by the blog owner/author.

Also, helping hands in translating or acquiring permissions are welcome.


This is no longer true: Afghanistan Today offers reports from Afghanistan in German.

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